Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

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One-size only.

Comfortable, cost-effective wraparound safety glasses ideal for providing basic eye protection when undertaking a wide range of composites tasks including mixing and pouring resins and solvents, laminating, trimming and finishing. The wraparound style provides a good level of protection whilst ensuring an unobstructed field of vision.

These glasses are certified to EN166:2004-04 and EN170:2003-01 with a mechanical strength rating of 'F' (small objects travelling at up to 45m/s). They are Optical Class 1; the highest class of optical clarity suitable for regular use with a refractive power of ± 0.06 dioptres.

Comfortable to wear for long periods
Wraparound style offers all-round protection and unobstructed vision
Strength rating of ‘F’.
Optical class 1.


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